Villa zum Verkauf in Ferreira do Zzere

€ 25,000

"Excluded from the SCE, under paragraph g) of paragraph 2 of article 18 of Decree-Law no. 101-D/2020, of 7 December."This is the stone house for those looking for a new life project connected to nature, in a perfect corner.Currently it is in its original state, "workshop", although it is possible to change the allocation at the respective city hall.If you like to walk, you will find just around the corner a caf and a mini-market where you can buy essential goods for your daily life and still have peace of mind with your coffee.This place enchants for its peacefulness and surroundings so immersed in nature.You can also enjoy the history so present in the city of Tomar, as well as water sports and walks very close to the village of Ferreira do Zzere.Come to meet nature, gain quality of life![The information provided is for informational purposes only, non-binding, and does not dispense with the consultation of the mediator.]Some notes about Ferreira do Zzere:Ferreira do Zzere is a surprising municipality, full of unexpected surprises, green mountains and valleys that hide true natural treasures inside and countless little-explored places and villages that reveal views worthy of picture postcards. It is a county that arouses curiosity and requires contemplation.There are multiple quality tourist resources that make Ferreira do Zzere unique and unforgettable. With a varied offer, you can maximize your visit, through the pure fragrances of the mountains, the sincere smile of local people, or nautical or leisure experiences in the clear waters of the Zzere.Inserted in a unique natural oasis, where the blue of the river and the green of nature form one, located just an hour and a half from Lisbon, two hours from Porto and forty minutes from Coimbra and Leiria.There are 5 reasons to pack your bags and make a getaway to Ferreira do Zzere as soon as possible. In addition to the great attractions being free, gastronomy, hotels and water sports offer high quality at low prices. Staying in places with enviable views makes for a fantastic and unforgettable experience.Nautical tourism, is the first reason pointed out, touristically, Ferreira do Zzere is a perfect destination for the practice of leisure activities and nautical activities for recreation/competition, not only for its unique characteristics, but also for its excellent central location. Nautical tourism is one of the main segments of tourism in Ferreira do Zzere. There are about 25 kilometers of river, which offer unique conditions for the practice of all kinds of water sports, such as canoeing, wakeboarding, water skiing, rowing, diving, and for boat trips with the guarantee of finding great conditions, services and support infrastructures, such as the case of the modern Nautical Center of Lago Azul.Landscapes and nature tourism is the second reason given. Ferreira do Zzere has a great diversity of landscapes, from the viewpoints over the Dornes peninsula, to the endless horizons of Lago Azul, there are so many landscapes that will fascinate you. The luminosity, the climate and the seductive landscapes invite you to walk along the walking trails of Dornes, Pombeira and So Pedro do Castro, look everywhere and enjoy the beauty you see, unique and unique, over one of the most beautiful places in the country.Peace and tranquility, if the goal is to enjoy calm and tranquility, Dornes, the "Enchanted Peninsula" is a must, without haste, it is an experience to live alone, with family or in a romantic moment. Winner of the "7 Wonders of Portugal" in the Riverside Villages category and located on a peninsula surrounded by the waters of the Zzere, this historic land is surrounded by a stunning landscape full of mysticism and legends. In addition to the historical and monumental interest, Dornes is one of the 5 most beautiful and preserved villages in Portugal, full of culture and religious traditions such as the Crios of medieval origin and pilgrimages that every year fill this small village with life, especially on Esprito Santo Sunday and on the 15th of August.