6 bed Apartment for sale in Odemira

€ 187,000

House with 192 sqm, set in a plot of 600 sqm, with 6 bedrooms, hall, bathroom, living room and kitchen.Located in Bemposta, Odemira.Needs renovation worksDistances:Odemira 1.5 KmVila Nova Milfontes 26 KmAlmograve Beach - 21 kmZambujeira do Mar - 21 KmLisbon 200 KmFaro Airport 110 KmFuncheira Railway Station 33 KmOdemira is known for its natural beauty, with stunning scenery, nearby beaches, and a tranquil environment. Many people choose to live here in search of a better quality of life.The Odemira region generally has a mild climate, with mild winters and pleasant summers, which may appeal to those who prefer a more moderate climate.For those who enjoy country life, Odemira offers opportunities to get involved in agriculture and rural tourism. The region is known for its agricultural production and sustainable tourism.Some people choose to live in Odemira because of the welcoming community and friendly atmosphere that the city provides.The location close to the coast allows access to stunning beaches and sea-related activities, which can be a draw for those who enjoy the seaside life.Compared to more developed urban areas, the cost of living in Odemira can be more affordable, which can be an important consideration for many people>. Odemira preserves cultural traditions and offers an authentic experience of Portuguese life, appealing to those who value the local culture.