2 bed Apartment for sale in Lisbon

€ 284,000

Luxury 2 Bed Apartment For Sale In Lisbon PortugalEsales Property ID: es5553986Property LocationRUA POIAIS DE SO BENTO 80LISBOALisboa1200-349PortugalProperty DetailsYour Sunny Lisbon Hideaway: A Charmed Abode Awaits in the Heart of HistoryImagine this: morning sunlight streams through double-paned windows, painting your 56m2 haven in golden hues. Below, Lisbons terracotta rooftops sprawl out like a vibrant tapestry, the Tagus River shimmering in the distance. This isnt just a dream; its your reality in this completely remodeled apartment, ready to embrace you as your very own Lisbon escape.Fully Renovated for Modern Comfort:* Step into a sanctuary crafted with love in July 2022. All-new appliances, including a dishwasher, washer-dryer combo, and sleek mini-split AC/heater units, ensure effortless comfort.* Ditch the bulky luggage this beauty comes fully furnished with all the big pieces. TVs, benches, and other knick-knacks? Lets chat flexibility is key!Unmatched Views and Tranquility:* Southern exposure bathes the apartment in natural warmth, while open front and back vistas offer refreshing breezes and precious privacy. Unlike most Lisbon apartments, youll enjoy clear skies, not just brick walls.* Soak in panoramic river views and the timeless charm of traditional Lisbon rooftops.* Peace and quiet reign supreme as you perch on the 4th floor, with no neighbors above to disturb your serenity.A Dive into Local Charm:* Trade tourist traps for authentic life in this historic residential neighborhood. The beautiful parliament and the iconic Santa Catarina viewpoint are just a stones throw away.* Embrace the convenience of having a bakery next door, alongside a vibrant network of restaurants, markets, and shops.More Than Just Walls:* This apartment isnt just bricks and mortar; its a portal to the soul of Lisbon. Immerse yourself in the citys rich history, vibrant culture, and infectious joie de vivre.* Energy Certification E reflects responsible energy use, aligning with a conscious lifestyle.* The original 1857 building whispers tales of the past, adding a touch of timeless charm to your contemporary haven.This is more than an apartment; its a gateway to living the Lisbon dream. Contact us today and unlock your very own slice of sunny paradise in the heart of Portugals captivating capital!.ABOUT THE AREALisbon! Portugals sun-kissed capital, where historic trams clink along cobbled streets and vibrant azulejo tiles shimmer under the Mediterranean sun. Its a city that begs to be explored, savored, and lived in.Lets dive into the heart of Lisbon and unlock its magic:History Unfolding:* So Jorge Castle: Perched atop the highest hill, this ancient fortress whispers tales of Moorish occupation and royal intrigue. From its ramparts, sweeping panoramas unfurl, showcasing the terracotta tapestry of the city below.* Jernimos Monastery: A masterpiece of Manueline architecture, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a testament to Portugals Age of Discovery. Belem Tower, its riverside companion, adds a touch of maritime grandeur.* Tram 28: Hop on this vintage tram and rattle through narrow Alfama streets, past pastel-colored houses and charming squares. Its a quintessential Lisbon experience, offering glimpses into hidden corners and local life.Culinary Delights:* Pastis de nata: Bite into these custard tarts, warm and gooey from the oven, and savor the quintessential taste of Lisbon. Pastelaria de Belm, the original inventors, remain a must-visit.* Bacalhau (salted cod): Portugals national dish comes in countless variations, each bursting with flavor. From grilled to creamy, theres a bacalhau to tantalize every palate.* Ginjinha: Sip on this sweet cherry liqueur, a local favorite best enjoyed in a tiny shot glass or infused into chocolates.Artistic Enchantment:* National Tile Museum: Immerse yourself in the world of azulejos, Portugals iconic hand-painted tiles. This museum showcases centuries of artistry, from geometric patterns to intricate murals.* Fado music: Let the melancholic strains of fado, Portugals soulful music, wash over you. Duck into a small tasca (traditional tavern) and soak in the atmosphere as singers pour their hearts out.* Street art: Lisbons streets are an open-air gallery, adorned with vibrant murals and playful installations. Explore neighborhoods like Chiado and Mouraria to discover hidden gems and artistic surprises.This is just a taste of what Lisbon offers. From its rich history and delectable cuisine to its vibrant culture and artistic spirit, this city has something for everyone. So, pack your bags, lace up your walking shoes, and get ready to fall in love with Lisbon!Remember, the best way to experience Lisbon is to wander its streets, get lost in its maze of alleyways, and discover its hidden corners. Strike up conversations with locals, sample the street food, and soak in the citys infectious energy. Lisbon is a city that rewards the curious and the adventurous, so dive in and let yourself be enchanted.MAiN FEATURES:* 56m2 of living space* 2 Bedrooms* 1 Bathrooms* Stunning Views* Close to essential amenities such as supermarkets and pharmacies* Close to many excellent bars and restaurants* Great base from which to discover other fantastic areas of Portugal* Many excellent sports facilities, walking and cycling areas nearby* Rental Potential through Airbnb and Booking.comContact us today to buy or sell property in Portugal fast online