House for sale in Pantelleria

€ 1,500,000

A luxurious villa on the island of Pantelleria on Sicily is sold. This impressive real estate is located on a panoramic hill overlooking the southern coast of the island and is a complex of four Dammusi, traditional local buildings with white domed roofs. The villa occupies an area of 480 square meters and includes patio, terraces and hanging gardens, providing a magnificent view of the sea and the surrounding landscape. Inside the first Damemu, there is a living room, a dining room with a kitchen, a bedroom with a wardrobe and a bathroom, as well as a second open air kitchen with a dining area. The second Dammuzo includes a two -story living room, kitchen, sleeping rooms and bathrooms. The third Dammuso includes a bedroom with a bathroom, a pantry and a garage. The fourth Dammuso, who needs repairs, offers a living room with a kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. Ref: 9124