House for sale in Venice

€ 700,000

An Exceptional Investment Opportunity in the Heart of Venice, Italy The sale of a lot comprising 5 fully renovated studio apartments in Venice presents a unique investment opportunity for those seeking a strategic foothold in the rental market. Here are the compelling details that make this offer particularly enticing for investors: Prime Location: Situated just 1 minute from the train station, these apartments offer unparalleled accessibility for travelers arriving in Venice. This strategic proximity serves as an attractive advantage for potential tenants. Complete Renovation: The apartments have undergone a comprehensive renovation, ensuring a modern and well-maintained setting. This focus on quality not only appeals to renters but also contributes to higher rental incomes. Annual Income of 9%: Highlight the financial yield by emphasizing that the lot of 5 apartments generates an attractive annual income of 9%. This robust return can be a decisive factor for investors seeking stable financial performance. Nearby Tourist Attractions: The apartments benefit from proximity to renowned tourist attractions such as historical sites, museums, famous squares, and picturesque canals. Venice's status as a major tourist destination ensures a steady flow of potential tenants. Rental Management: If rental management is in place or if you can recommend professional management services, feel free to mention it. Efficient management reassures investors by ensuring the smooth operation of their properties. It is crucial to note that past returns do not guarantee future returns, and all investments come with risks. Prospective investors are encouraged to conduct their own analyses and consult with professionals before making any investment decisions. By highlighting these strengths, such as the strategic location, complete renovation, and attractive financial yield, this offer is tailored for visionary investors looking to capitalize on Venice's dynamic rental market.