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Key Features

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathrooms
  • 110 m2 build size
  • 3,000 m2 plot size

For sale direct from the owners!

This country home was bought in 1996 by the current owners and is now being offered for sale for the first time in more than 20 years.

This property is not for the feint hearted - it needs a lot of work to bring it up to a habitable condition and there are paperwork issues which need to be resolved.  Having said that, we feel it is an excellent opportunity to buy a 110M2 country home with great views in a quiet position.

The reduced price of €15,000 is set on the basis that the property is sold "as seen" both in terms of the condition of the property and also with regards to the paperwork.

The property is located just west of Villanueva de la Concepción and is close to the popular hamlet of Pastelero (two great bar/restaurants) so it is far from isolated.  It is accessed via a 500m track which is maintained by the local town hall although it can get bumpy at times, especially during the winter months.

The property faces south and was first registered back in 1954 - the locals always knew the best spot for a house and this one is protected from high winds and gets sunshine all day.  The views are glorious (or will be when the trees are pruned) and you can watch the surrounding countryside change throughout the year.

Whilst the property needs a lot of work, it does have a water supply and there is an electrical supply just off the land itself.  The property will require a full project for the renovation and the key to the success of this project will be employing a good architect who will work closely with the local town hall architect.

The features of the property which we feel will be key to it's success as a future home...

♦  A great location with great views, south facing and protected from high winds

♦  Situated between Villanueva de la Concepcion and Pastelero - a peaceful location but not isolated

♦  Built meters of 110M2 with an area of building which is two storey

♦  Land area of just over 3,000M2

♦  Water supply to the property

♦  Electrical supply close by

♦  Completely roofed which helps to get permission (an area of roof was renewed some years ago and is in good condition).

♦  The property pays IBI and is registered in the Catastro but not in the Property Register

♦  A short drive to two excellent bar/restaurants

Paperwork, the sellers lawyer and AFO...

The escritura confirms the land area being just over 2,500M2 and it states that the house is of 100M2 built area. This was updated in 2007 from a survey which too place at that time.

The Catastro states that the house is sized at 130M2 and the land area is in excess of 4,000M2 - unfortunately, the Catastro plan showing the land area is wrong and the red outline in our photos is the most accurate indication of the land area.

The Property Register -  Neither the land or the house are currently registered in the Property Register - the owner's lawyer is happy to get this work done as part of the sale which will require an “Actas de notoriedad”.

Afo - the chances are that the local town hall will insist on the house having an AFO certificate (or similar document as it predates the 1975 AFO law) before any work can be started.  It will also require a full project submitted by an architect which will need to include the installation of a 3 chamber septic tank, connection of water and electric.

There is a water supply to the land and the current owners are paying water rates.  There is also an electrical supply very close to the land so it should not be too expensive to get a connection.

The paperwork for this property needs updating and the buyer must be clear that this will not be done by the current owners - at this price, it will be down to the buyer to do when they take over ownership of the property.

The owner's lawyer is Rocio Fernandez Robles in Colmenar and she is more than happy to discuss the property with a potential buyer to explain the paperwork and the process for updating.

Visiting the property...

The property can be visited without any problem - the map at the top of this page shows the exact location and the best way to reach the track to the property is from the Pastelero direction.

There is space to park and you can walk around the property - the doors have been lost so you can also enter the property however, we do recommend that anyone who visits, where suitable clothes and shoes and is extremely careful when walking around the property.

One of the main walls has fallen down in recent years and there is always the threat of falling debris.

Creative Property Marketing SL and the owners cannot be held responsible for any losses, damage or injuries which may be suffered by visiting the property.

Creative Property Marketing

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