Casa in vendita a Grnheide (Mark)

€ 2,000,000

The apartment building has a total of 9 apartments with sizes between 50 and 90 m. All apartments are modern and of high quality and have a balcony or terrace. The house has been extensively renovated and modernized. Among other things, the facade has been renewed, the stairwell has been painted and the electrical system has been renewed. Due to the renovation, the apartments are energy-efficient and offer a high level of living comfort. In addition, the house has a spacious inner courtyard with sufficient parking spaces. Investment Opportunity:This apartment building is an excellent investment opportunity for investors looking for a stable return. With an annual return of around 3%, the property offers an attractive opportunity to diversify your portfolio and generate regular income. The growing region and the proximity to the Tesla factory offer additional potential for future growth and an increase in the value of the property.Furnishing:The nine residential units of the apartment building are modern and comfortably furnished and offer a pleasant living environment. The size of the apartments varies between 50 and 90 m and therefore offers enough space for singles, couples and families. Each apartment has a timeless bathroom and attractive floor coverings. The apartments are bright and friendly and offer a certain amount of privacy due to their location in the apartment building.Location:Grnheide is a town near Berlin and part of the Oder-Spree district in Brandenburg. The region is currently experiencing strong growth, making it an attractive option for investors. The city of Grnheide is an up-and-coming location that offers many opportunities for investments. An important factor is the proximity to the Tesla factory, which is only a few kilometers away. The construction of the factory will have a positive impact on the regional economy and therefore also on the real estate market. This means that the demand for housing in the region is expected to increase in the future, which will have a positive impact on the value and yield of the apartment building.If you are interested in this unique property, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will be happy to help you and arrange a viewing appointment.Simuhina Mariia+380994407240 WhatsApp +4917642796184 Mobile