7 camera Villa in vendita a Trancoso

€ 2,800,000

Luxury 7 Bed Villa For Sale In Trancoso Bahia BrazilEsales Property ID: es5553991Property LocationSitio Pedro GrandeCasa Saint GeorgeTrancosoBahia45818-000BrazilProperty DetailsA Beautiful villa in the exclusive Pedro Grande Condominium, only a few minutes walk from the Praia dos Nativos beach, for which the condominium has a private access route through the mangroves.The condominium has both a private tennis and beach tennis court for the exclusive use of the residents.The outdoor space and garden reflect the beauty of this tropical area of Brazil, facing and adjoined to the Atlantic rain forest. A key feature of the house is a fabulously designed 22m pool which is a large area in which to relax in the sun and includes an outdoor shower.The social areas consist of two rooms, one for dining and the other with a pool table and seating area designed for relaxing, reading or watching television.The kitchen is fully equipped and designed for casual dining by the pool, cooking lunch or more formal evening dining.There villa has is 7 self-contained suites with their own bathroom area and shower. All but one suite (which has its own private garden) has a view of the pool and all have individual outdoor areas.There is a separate staff area where tasks such as laundry are performed and a second smaller kitchen to be used in addition to the main kitchen should the need arise, such as an event or large party.In the past the house has successfully held high-profile parties/vents for over 50 people.The Pedro Grande condominium is 1 km from the famous and extremely beautiful 'Quadrado'. The Quadrado is the focal point of the town, has lots of excellent restaurants, and attracts well-known/famous people from around the world.For those that like golf, the Terravista Golf Club is a 10-minute drive from the villa and features a front 9 holes through the rainforest and a back 9 on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Horse riding, kite surfing, kayaking and other activities are available on local beaches within a minutes drive of the villa, in addition to luxury boat rental which is easily arranged for day trips to places such as Caraiva Island.To ensure smooth operation the house has a large 41KW generator completely integrated to automatically take over should the mains power ever shut down.The condominium can only be entered through a single entrance which has security 24 hours a day.ABOUT THE AREAWhere Emerald Shores and Bohemian Dreams Collide: Unveiling Trancosos Enchanting SoulTrancoso, nestled along the Bahia coast in Brazil, isnt just a location on a map; its a symphony of sun-kissed beaches, whispering coconut palms, and a bohemian rhythm that pulses beneath the vibrant surface. Once a sleepy fishing village, Trancoso has gracefully embraced its newfound fame, transforming into a haven for beach lovers, eco-warriors, and those seeking a slice of laid-back paradise.Golden Sunsets and Endless Sands:But the heart of Trancoso beats on its beaches. Imagine powdery white sand stretching for miles, the gentle turquoise ocean lapping at your toes, and the sun painting the sky in hues of gold and orange as it dips below the horizon. Praia do Espelho, with its calm waters and natural pools, is a haven for families, while Praia dos Coqueiros beckons surfers with its rolling waves. For those seeking solitude, hidden coves like Ponta de Itaquena offer whispered secrets of the sea.Beyond the Beach: An Eco-Oasis Awakes:Trancosos charm extends beyond the coastline. Lush rainforests, teeming with exotic flora and fauna, blanket the interior, where eco-conscious resorts and lodges blend seamlessly with the landscape. Hike through the Rio do Brasil Nature Reserve, where monkeys swing through the canopy and butterflies shimmer like jewels. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture, from capoeira demonstrations on the cobbled streets of Quadrado, the historic town center, to savoring fresh seafood at a bustling beachside cantina.A Haven for Bohemian Souls:Trancoso pulsates with a unique bohemian spirit. Chic boutiques showcase locally-crafted jewelry and colorful beachwear, while art galleries display the works of resident talents. Every corner seems to hum with live music, from bossa nova melodies drifting from intimate cafes to reggae rhythms pulsating through beachside bars. As dusk settles, join the locals for alfresco gatherings, sharing stories and laughter under the starlit sky.Sustainable Spirit, Thriving Future:Trancosos green heart beats strong. Eco-friendly initiatives are woven into the fabric of the town, from responsible waste management and locally-sourced ingredients in restaurants to sustainable hotels powered by renewable energy. This commitment to the environment extends to visitors, with opportunities to volunteer in conservation projects and learn about the regions delicate ecosystem.Trancoso is more than just a destination; its an invitation to a lifestyle. Its a place where days melt into evenings on sun-drenched beaches, where natures symphony harmonizes with the vibrant rhythm of local life, and where every corner whispers stories of bohemian charm and ecological consciousness. So, pack your swimsuits, your sense of adventure, and a desire to reconnect with nature,MAiN FEATURES:* 800m2 of living space* 4500m2 plot* 7 Bedrooms* 7 Bathrooms* Stunning Views* Private Parking* Private Pool* Close to essential amenities such as supermarkets and pharmacies* Close to many excellent bars and restaurants* Great base from which to discover other fantastic areas of Brazil* Many excellent sports facilities, walking and cycling areas nearby* Rental Potential through Airbnb and Booking.comContact us today to buy or sell property in Brazil fast online