3 bed Apartment for sale in Tomar

€ 195,000

It is in the center of the city of Tomar that this apartment is located, which has undergone a profound intervention to meet current housing standards.This intervention follows a coherence in terms of the materials used and in the concept itself.It is in the kitchen and bathrooms that the intervention is most markedly noticed, in relation to the existing space, as well as the natural light that gives these spaces an environment of well-being.In the kitchen there are separate areas for meals and for the preparation and cooking of the same. The pantry also has well-organized spaces that facilitate storage.The living room, with several windows and a balcony, is flooded with natural light, creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Also in the living room there are two distinct areas, one for dining and a second for leisure, where we also have a fireplace with a stove and a heat distribution system throughout the house.The circulation area of this apartment is very fluid and organized, leading us to the bedroom area where we have 3 bedrooms all with built-in wardrobes, and also one of these bedrooms with a balcony.The existence of a garage for two cars, with an automatic gate, is also an added value to an apartment in the city center.Also in the garage, we highlight the existence of a kitchen and a storage space.The sun exposure of this house is also one of the factors that we highlight the most, being to the east/west we can count on natural light throughout the day.Unique, this apartment inspires tranquility in the heart of the city.This is your opportunity, come visit and let yourself be conquered by the visible quality of life ![The information provided is for informational purposes only, non-binding, and does not dispense with the consultation of the mediator.]Some notes about Tomar:Located just 10 minutes away, the Castelo do Bode dam retains water from the Zzere River within the limits of the municipality of Tomar and allows the practice of leisure activities and water sports, such as water skiing, wakeboarding, sailing, rowing, canoeing, windsurfing, kayaking, fishing and swimming. With more than 60 km in length, the Castelo do Bode Reservoir is the second largest river basin in the country.The city has several historical monuments, including the Convent of Christ, declared a World Heritage Site, the Church of St. John the Baptist, the Church of Santa Maria dos Olivais (where the remains of Gualdim Pais, master Templar and founder of the city, are located.)As well as the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceio - being built with the function of a royal pantheon. You can also count on the Convent of So Francisco, which has a Mannerist chapel and the Convent of Santa Iria, finally, the Chapel of So Gregrio, which has a circular architectural structure.Founded by D. Gualdim Pais in 1160, Tomar was the headquarters of the Orders of the Temple and of Christ and had in Prince Henry the Navigator one of those responsible for its growth.In 1983, UNESCO recognized the Templar Castle - Convent of Christ as a World Heritage Site and in the early 1990s the first steps were taken towards the recovery and consolidation of the Historic Center.The plan of the medieval city (historic area) is organized orthogonally in a layout attributed to Prince Henry the Navigator. The centre, where the Town Hall and the Mother Church are located, is Praa da Repblica, from which the main public and religious buildings radiate: to the south, the Synagogue, the old Misericrdia Hospital, the Convent of S. Francisco and the old Rossio da Vila; to the north, the chapels of S. Gregrio and Senhora da Piedade and the old Convent of Anunciada; to the west, the Castle Hill, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceio and the Convent of Christ; to the east, the medieval bridge, the old mills and mills of the village, the Convent of Santa Iria, the exit to the Church of Santa Maria do Olival.