Land for sale in Kyrenia

€ 8,000,000

Excellent Plots of land for sale in Kyrenia North CyprusEsales Property ID: es5553887Property LocationKyreniaNorth CyprusProperty DetailsHere we present two excellent plots of land in one of the most sought-after areas for development right now in North Cyprus. The land is located in various regions within Kerynia ( The two that we are sending you specifically in Phunji and Trimithi)Trimithi plot 6785m2Phunji plot 7619 m2Kyrenia is the most developed city in North Cyprus and a popular tourist destination. It offers a variety of amenities, including casinos, hotels, resorts, restaurants, roof bars, beautiful beaches, and mountains.These two plots of land are a great investment opportunity, as they are located next to several villas and there is a high demand for land in Kyrenia. Investors can build anything they want on these plots and get their money back very soon.Here are some of the benefits of investing in land in Kyrenia:Kyrenia is a popular tourist destination, which means that there is a high demand for rental properties.The property market in Kyrenia is growing steadily, so investors can expect to see capital appreciation on their investment.The cost of living in North Cyprus is relatively low compared to other European countries, making it an affordable investment destination.The North Cypriot government is supportive of foreign investment and has made it easy for foreigners to purchase property in the country.The rate of air quality is high. It always offers you fresh air with the pine forests on the mountain and the breeze of the sea. There are no factories or industrial facilities in the region. As Quality of Life, we can give you many examples in Kyrenia Region. For example, from meat to milk, every food you eat is sold organically in the markets in this region. Since people do not prefer ready-made foods and frozen foods, they always attach importance to the sale of fresh products. With its scenery, air, unique location, helpful people and affordable houses, Kyrenia always gives us a suitable living space.About the AreaKyrenia District is one of the six districts of Cyprus. Its main town is Kyrenia. It is the smallest of Cyprus districts, and is the only one controlled in its entirety by the unrecognised de facto state of Northern Cyprus, where the same territory is administered as the de facto Girne District, a distinct entity.Kyrenia, with its picturesque harbour and adjacent castle, is called the 'Jewel of Cyprus'. It is, quite simply, exquisite! The town was probably founded circa tenth century BC and was one of the original city kingdoms. Its position on the north coast made it the ideal place to develop a harbour, and being only forty miles from the Turkish mainland it was perfectly situated on the trade route.The Kyrenia harbour is surrounded by restaurants and bars that have been developed from buildings that were once Venetian dwellings or carob warehouses. The carefully thought out modernisation has effectively preserved the architectural integrity of the buildings and there are no large flashing neon signs or loud music. These Kyrenia restaurants serve, for the most part, simple but delicious Turkish Cypriot cuisine with the emphasis being on locally caught fish.Main Features 14404 m2 of land for development between both plots Excellent location close to many amenities Stunning views. Huge Potential in the rental market if developed.Contact us today to buy or sell your property in North Cyprus fast online.