Tierra en venta en Quepos

€ 999,000

Excellent Beachfront land for sale in Quepos Costa RicaEsales Property ID: es5553917Property LocationParaiso TortugasBo. Cocal, El Cocal, Provincia de Puntarenas, Quepos, Costa RicaPrice in US Dollars $1,250,000Right now it is Turtle Season Buy this property now and in 3 months you will have baby turtles hatching on your private beach.Property DetailsHere we present an excellent plot of land in one of the most sought after areas for development right now in Costa Rica.This breathtaking beachfront property is located in Costa Rica, a country known for its natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle. The property is flat and usable, with over 330 feet of beachfront frontage. It is also close to the town of Quepos, which has all the amenities you need, including restaurants, shops, and a hospital.A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a beachfront property on the beautiful coast of Costa Rica is now available. Located in Playa Cocal, Quepos Puntarenas, this 100% usable, 11,500 square meter property has over 100 meters of frontage on the Pacific Ocean.You are buying 3 corporations that have the right of possession of this land. This gives you the flexibility to build a dream beach resort, eco hotel, bungalows, or 4 separate houses. The possibilities are endless.Only about 5% of Costa Ricas coast is titled, and the prices are astronomical. The other 95% is government owned. This property is located in the Maritime Zone, which is the first 200 meters inland from the high tide line. While you cannot own titled land in the Maritime Zone, you can have the right of possession. This means that you can build on the land and use it as your own, but you will still have to pay a concession fee to the government.Once the grand plan is in place, you will be able to get a concession and quadruple your money at least.In the meantime, you can still enjoy the property and everything it has to offer. There is a caretaker who lives on the property, and there is water and electricity. There are also many fruit trees, including coconut, mango, banana, noni, beach plum, almond, and lime.You can surf right on your beach, and there are many other places to go ATV-ing, hiking, biking, and fishing. Costa Rica is also home to many national parks, including Manuel Antonio, Corcovado, and Cocos Island.If you are looking for a paradise to call home, this is the property for you. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a beachfront property in Costa Rica at an incredible price.Features:Beachfront property11,500 square meters / 120,000 square feetOver 330 feet of beachfront frontageFlat and usableClose to the town of QueposClose to Manuel Antonio National ParkRight of possessionBenefits:Build your dream beach resort, eco hotel, bungalow, or private homeEnjoy the Pura Vida lifestyleLive in a country known for its natural beauty and laid-back lifestyleBe close to all the amenities you needBe close to a popular tourist destinationCall to action:Glamping: You can start making money tomorrow', Glamping is now more and more popular. Being temporary structures, you dont need permits. Tents, bubbles or domes, are temporary structures. There is room to put 50 on that beach. Add the atvs into the equation??? It is a winning recipe.Quepos has a brand new airport with daily trips to San Jose, 30 minutes. Education in CR is top-notch. Many international schools are in the area. Colegio los Delphines is right in Quepos.Contact us today to learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see such a property for sale, your chance is now so dont sleep on it. Located in Playa Cocal, Quepos Puntarenas in the natural wonder that is Costa Rica, the Switzerland of Central America. You will find this flat, beautiful property 100% usable, close to 11.500 square meters/over 120.000 square feet with over 100 meters/330 ft frontage, on the beach in the Pacific Ocean that we call Paraso Tortugas/Turtles Paradise, where turtles are nesting. Nice sandy beach, no rocks, a pleasure to walk barefoot, ride your horse or ATV.What youre buying is 3 corporations that have the right of possession of 3 lots on this beach with one of the lots being bigger and subdividable. The benefit of buying 3 lots together is that you can either build a dream beach resort, eco-hotel, bungalows or build 4 separate houses and sell them or rent them, and so on and so forth, only the sky is the limit.Our plan was to build a resort, 20-30 bungalows with a restaurant and a rental shop: ATVs bikes, kayaks etc.Only about 5% of the Costa Rican coast is titled and the prices are astronomical, the other 95% of it is government-owned. From high tide, 200 meters inland, it is what they call the Maritime zone, and some agents describe their properties as 'beach properties', even if they are 200 meters away from the beach. This is not the case here. You get off your bed and can put your feet in the sand.There is NOTHING between your property and the beach. In order to get this Government owned land, you have to have a concession or the right of possession. Thats what youve got right now. Titled land goes from 800$ a square meter and up depending on the property, the concession is 400$ a meter and up and on this property you get it at roughly 100$ a square meter. Thats cheap like dirt for beachfront. There is an application for concession.It will come for sure. It is not a matter of if but when. Why? The municipalities are missing a lot of income. When the grand plan is in place you get your concession and quadruple your money at least. For now, you dont pay property taxes, only a small fee for each corporation every year.The next town Parrita, has an area called Playa Bandera. Right on the beach. Half the place has a concession, the other doesnt. That didnt stop anybody, either with or without concession from building, rent, opening a business, Airbnb etc.It is a form of ownership and it is safer than your timeshares. Its been like that forever, it will change to concession eventually and that would benefit you greatly. In the meantime, enjoy the Pura Vida.On the property, we have a caretaker who lives in a small house, where we just changed the roof, the fence around the property, replaced the fridge, the electrical cable from the pole all the way to the house, the meter, and the breakers.The property has water and electricity, lots of coconut trees, a huge mango tree, bananas, noni fruit, beach plums, almond and lime trees, and you can always plant more. You will frequently see big scarlet macaws flying around or fighting over the biggest almond in your tree, and there are also squirrel monkeys here as well, slots, hummingbirds etcIf you want to learn surfing, your neighbour can teach you. Miguel Surf Camp is just a bit down the road.The place is located on a peninsula, in the fishermans village, this is one of, if not the biggest lot around. It is accessed via a mini ferry from Quepos, or through the new road from Costanera Sur/South Coastal Highway.Its a rock throw from Quepos where there is a farmers market called Feria, where you can buy local organic fresh meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables. Also, you can find everything else in town. From church to rent a car you got them all here. Great grocery stores, Maxi Pali, BM Supermercado, and others will sell you from your favourite 25-year-old Chivas Regal to toothpaste and everything in between. Great selections of local and international products, so you wont miss a thing here. Right next to the ferry, the fisherman comes with fresh fish every day.The property is very close to Pez Vela, a world-class marina built a few years ago, where you can moor your 50 ft yacht. They even had a 100ft one there. This is a great place with lots of shops and really nice restaurants, where many events are being organized, my favorite being the World Cup Deep Sea Fishing tournament. You should see what the boys are catching. I will include a few links below.Manuel Antonio, the most visited and accessible National Park of Costa Rica, is just a little bit down the road. From the howler monkeys to the white-faced capuchin, spider and squirrel monkeys, toucans, sloths, parrots, and a bunch of other creatures inhabit this park. Its wheelchair accessible and could be visited day or night.Nauyaca, the biggest and most beautiful waterfall in Costa Rica is about an hour away.Rainmaker, is another beautiful park just around the corner.Also, Costa Rica is one of the 5 Blue Zones of the planet where people live longer, happier healthier. Also medical tourism is big here. People from the US, Canada and around the world come here for various medical reasons, from surgeries to dental implants, they get world-class treatment at a fraction of the cost compared to their native countries.If you have an emergency here, they will treat you first, and they wont rip you of. Different mentality. The doctor will come to your home, if you like.Voted many times the happiest place on Earth Costa Rica is a mesmerizing place to live and enjoy the PURA VIDA.You are not buying a property, you are buying a lifestyle, one where you can ride your ATV on public roads, go fishing in the morning and zip-line in the afternoon, eat at a great restaurant in the evening, and finish your day lying on your beach and watch the stars. Enjoy the local cuisine at the many restaurants called 'Soda', where you can have authentic Costa Rican food at very affordable prices.You can surf or fish right on your beach.Many places to go ATV-ing, hiking, biking, fishing. Also great fishing on the small streams and rivers. From big tarpon on the estuary to great tasty trout on the mountains, to mahi-mahi/dorado, rooster fish, marlin, sailfish, tuna, barracuda etc. on the sea, you have them all there. From time to time whales pass by, more frequently on a southern town, Uvita, at the Marino Ballena park.Some of the most beautiful sunsets I ever seen were from in Costa Rica.Costa Rica has many national parks, one of the most famous in the world is Corcovado which is 3 hours south of Quepos, its the most biodiverse place on Earth. And, for the adrenaline junkies out there, you can go diving with giant hammerhead sharks near Cocos Island which is the island featured in Robert Louis Stephensons 'Treasure Island'. Who knows? Maybe theres still gold there!But wait, there is more:The quads are all one owner vehicles , imported from Canada, the mileage is 100% accurate, they where never intended to be sold, and you can open an ATV tour or rental, tomorrow.About the AreaQuepos is a town on Costa Ricas central Pacific coast. Its known as a gateway to Manuel Antonio National Park. The parks mangroves, lagoons and beach-lined rainforests shelter howler, white-faced and squirrel monkeys. Nearby sandy stretches include Playa Espadilla and Playa Biesanz. Northwest of town, the Damas Island mangrove estuary is home to wildlife including caimans, snakes and iguanas.The city is located 3 hours from San Jos, just 165 km along the highway. The area is renowned throughout the country and internationally for its sport fishing, with species including marlin, snapper, greater amberjack, wahoo, dolphinfish, yellowfin tuna and roosterfish, among others. The beautiful canton has a great variety of open-air attractions, restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, galleries and spectacular beaches. On your way for a visit, you can also stop in at Atenas, Orotina, Trcoles and Playa Jac.Yet another attraction in the area are the giants of the Pacific, humpback whales. Every July, they delight tourists as they come to the region, staying until November. You dont have to go very far to witness the exuberance of nature. Strategically located in Costa Ricas Central Pacific, Quepos has the tourism infrastructure in place for amazing whale and dolphin watching.Quepos has a wealth of opportunities to explore, from its beautiful seafront to the adrenaline-pumping activities on offer all around the town. Before coming to Quepos, you can enjoy recreational fishing in tilapia farms or spend some family leisure time at a local water park. The village of Londres offers a strategic point to enjoy a horseback ride and explore its dense forests. If beaches are more your style, there are many near the Manuel Antonio National Park, just waiting to be discovered. These include Cocal, La Macha, La Vaca, Par, Biesanz, Playitas, Las Gemelas, Del Rey, Savegre, Matapalo and Linda. The activities on offer include kayaking, surfing, sport fishing, rafting, catamaran tours, horseback tours to waterfalls, day- and nighttime hikes, visits to mangroves and observing the plant and animal life.Quepos is a hidden treasure of delicacies that will have you licking your fingers. Many are traditional dishes from the Pacific coast. If you visit the region, you may encounter dishes like ceviche made from clams or piangua (a mollusk with a black shell, abundant in the mangroves of Quepos), as well as better-known ceviche options made with fish or shrimp. The delicious casados, meals featuring rice, beans and meat, always include vegetable sides called picadillos, which may be made from green papaya, potato or chiquasquil, a tree leaf with a spinach-like taste. If you havent tried a garlicky dolphinfish fillet or a whole fried snapper, you know what to ask for on your next culinary detour.Main Features 11500 m2 of land for development Excellent location close to many amenities Stunning views. Huge Potential in the rental market if developed on.Contact us today to buy or sell your property in Costa Rica fast online.