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5 Excellent Plots of Land For Development For Sale in Karpass Peninsula North CyprusEsales Property ID: es5553471Property LocationDip Karpaz Tumalar regionKarpass PeninsulaNorth CyprusProperty DetailsHere we present 5 excellent plots of land in two of the most sought-after areas for development right now in North Cyprus.The 3 plots in the Dip Karpaz region of North Cyprus are within 5 mins walking distance to the sea and ten Min Drive to the town.Plot 08 is right next to a new hotel development with chalets and beach views.The other 2 plots in the Tumalar region are near the beautiful Kantara Forest and close to the thriving Bogaz area where there are many developments underway. Famagusta town and the Bogaz area are practically joint at the hip 10 min drive to the sea and to the center of Famagusta with all its thriving amenities.Prices to buy each separatelyDIPKARPAS plot 1 1,120,400 Euros plot 2. 850,400 Euros plot 3. 647,700 Euros.TUMALAR Plot 1. 1,872,000 Euros Plot 2 1,723,950 Euros.About the AreaTo the north east of North Cyprus lies the Panhandle, or Karpas Peninsula. Alternatively spelled Karpaz, the region stretches from near Famagusta to the northern-most tip of Cyprus. The Karpas covers a substantial part of the island and extends to 80 kilometres in length and up to 20 in width.One of the most unspoiled places anywhere in the whole of the Mediterranean region, the Karpas is home to an outstanding number of birds and its northern and eastern shores have some of the most beautiful and deserted beaches in North Cyprus in fact in the whole of the island.The Karpas region is rich in subterranean water reservoirs, so crops including fruit, olives and tobacco are grown in abundance, although in many of the small villages dotted around the region a tractor is still a novelty and many jobs still rely on traditional horse-drawn tools. The other main source of income for the region now is fishing, with the villages of Bogaz and Kumyali being the main centres for fishing in the Karpas. During the 20th century, some mining was carried out along parts of the Karpas, which are rich in various minerals, but these mines closed long ago and little evidence of this industry remains today apart from a few deserted buildings.The Karpaz peninsula, the easternmost part of the island, is where the land tapers into a thin strip which stretches towards Turkey. Known as the panhandle of Cyprus it is a breathtaking adventure. Secluded beaches go on for miles, and the green of Cyprus blends with the turquoise of the Mediterranean. Its lovely, unspoilt and gorgeous countryside, is so inviting that one cant help falling in love with Karpaz at first sight. Only a few hours drive from Kyrenia or Nicosia, Karpaz is another world. It may lack some of the luxuries of the Kyrenia hotels, but it makes up for all such absences with its abundance of tiny fishermens wharfs, wonderful sandy beaches, spectacular scenery, unique wildlife, on-the-water fish restaurants (which also serve all kinds of kebabs and Cypriot mezes of course) and more.Main Features 62505m2 of land for development Excellent location close to many amenities Stunning views. Huge Potential in the rental market if developed on.Contact us today to buy or sell your property in North Cyprus fast online.